Home Inspection Safety Tips

This is a listing of the main reasons for mortality in US Homes.

Your house inspection therefore will include inspection and testing of those avoidable hazards to your family.

Unintended injuries may be the leading reason for dying among children ages 14 and under.

The house inspectors primary standard of care would be to advise and educate their customers on home safety conditions and prevention techniques for these primary in-home issues of safety.

1. Radon

The responsible for avoidable mortality in U.S. homes comes from Radon gas. Radon causes 21,000 cancer of the lung deaths within the U.S. Both U.S. Surgeon General and also the Environmental protection agency have identified Radon gas because the second leading reason for cancer of the lung, along with the responsible for cancer of the lung in non-smokers.

For more than 2 decades, the Environmental protection agency has suggested that homes be tested for Radon. One out of 15 homes have Radon gas levels which are at levels determined like a significant risk towards the occupants.

It is important that home inspectors still inspect, educate and are accountable to their customers on these safety conditions to assist prevent tragic, but avoidable deaths associated with Radon gas.

2. Falls

The house inspection will include the identification of trip hazards at both exterior and interior areas of the house. If stairs can be found, they must be evaluated for safety conformance to current standards. 2nd floor home windows must have safety screen systems installed to avoid child accidents.

3. Poisoning

If children will trouble the house, safety latches on storage regions of potential poisons ought to be suggested. Potential poisons include: cleaning utility caddy, over-the-counter and prescription medicines, vitamins and herbs, mouthwash, tooth paste, alcohol, lead paint, nailpolish and nailpolish remover, cosmetics, hair sprays, perfume, automotive supplies, and a few house plants.

Deadly carbon monoxide detectors ought to be installed each and every level of the house in areas near bedrooms.

4. Fires

Homes ought to be evaluated for smoke detector locations where meet current fire safety standards: e.g. one each and every level and bed room.

All accessible electrical systems ought to be evaluated to satisfy current safety standards.

If attached garage exists, fire wall and door systems should be evaluated to adapt with current safety needs. Proper fire egress from bedrooms along with other interior rooms ought to be reported.

5. Air obstructions

Window cover cords ought to be correctly elevated to avoid child access.

6. Water

Drowning makes up about about 800 deaths annually. Water could be a particular threat to children. Individuals don’t understand that a really youthful child can drown within one inch or more water Certainly, an outdoor pool, a bathtub, anywhere of standing water could be a deadly danger to some child.