A Homeowner’s Guide to Bathtub Refinishing!

With years of extensive use, even the most amazing bathtubs bear visible signs of aging, wear and tear. A bathtub can be purchased for as low as $400, so why would someone spend on bathtub refinishing in the first place? What exactly is bathtub refinishing? In this post, we take a look at some of the basic aspects that will influence your decision as a homeowner.

What’s bathtub refinishing?

As the name implies, bathtub refinishing is the process of fixing damages, chips and cracks in a bathtub and re-glazing the surface to restore its look and function. The process may involve more than a few steps, depending on the extent of damage. While there are a few DIY kits for bathtub refinishing, but professional work is always better, especially if you want the investment to last. You can click here to find more.

New installation vs. bathtub refinishing

While a bathtub doesn’t cost huge, the whole process of removing, disposing the old bathtub and installing a new one can involve considerable amount of money. With bathtub refinishing, you can actually delay the investment for at least a few years. If done right, you can expect the results to last for as long as a decade. Even the oldest bathtubs do well for at least five years after refurbishing. Many people prefer bathtub refinishing simply because the process of installation is a cumbersome one and may require considerable civil work in the bathroom. The plumbing must be checked and reconfigured and cutting must be done, as it is often impossible to find a bathtub that matches the older one to the T.

On the other hand, bathtub refinishing is much more easier and doesn’t require you to do anything beyond hiring a service. The service, if rightly chosen, will take care of every aspect and ensure that the process doesn’t hamper the indoor environment. In all likeliness, you would be able to use the bathtub in just two to three days.

Hiring a service

Before you call a company for bathtub refinishing, check online to know what other customers have to say about the service. The company should be able to offer an estimate in advance with inclusions and a deadline. It is also necessary that you ask about the problems they can fix with their services. Typically speaking, refinishing should fix some of the common issues with old bathtubs like outdated color and finish, stains, chips, cracks, grout lines, damages along the bathtub’s surface and leaked fiberglass. The refinishing experts should also check for tile cracks, so that germs can be avoided. You can get more info on the process online.

Bathtub refinishing should be done by experts, simply because the DIY kits such scrub the surface and don’t fix any of the underlying problems. The best services will take a look at everything, and as required, they will do plumbing repairs, as well. Check online now to find on refinishing and make sure that you have hired a service worth relying on.