Five Signs Your Home Needs Roof Restoration

During the lifespan of a home, the roof takes regular damage from storms and sun but most homeowners forget to have their roofs checked and maintained at least twice per year. Although the normal lifespan of a roof is more than 15 years, it requires regular maintenance and repair before total restoration is necessary. As the roof ages, homeowners should be aware of the signs that indicate the need for full roof restoration and make sure to hire a roofing contractor to resolve any damages before they become larger problems.

Look Inside

Multiple external damages are certainly an obvious indicator that roof restoration is required but homeowners should also look in the attic regularly for dark spots, water trails, and any signs of light. These may indicate leaks and cracks that are letting energy escape the home as dirt and animals come into the attic. Some leaks should be expected, especially after major storms or aggressive weather, but if the roof is experiencing damage more frequently, it may be a sign that you should begin looking for an expert contractor for roof restoration in Perth. Additionally, homeowners should regularly inspect the support beams beneath the roof and consider having a home renovation contractor take a look at the condition of the beams as well. Usually, if a roof shows signs of rotting, it will be in the attic and the beams will become unstable and soft.

External Damage

Examining the outside of your roof can also reveal significant signs of damage and daily wear and you may need to climb a ladder to view some of the possible indicators of restoration. If you have openings for chimneys or pipes, look for worn, loose material and check each roof valley for signs of aging. Moisture is a common occurrence on roofs but any growth of mould or moss may be a sign that your roof has too much. If the roof is sagging in any places and not holding its shape, then this is a sure sign of roof damage that often requires structural inspection and work. An excessive amount of loose or curling shingles may simply indicate that the shingles are aging and need replacement but there may be underlying causes of corrosion, leakage, and additional damages.

Homeowners should make sure to inspect the roof regularly because it is the only protection the home has from the elements. Hire a reliable roofing company, schedule bi-annual maintenance and repair checks, and consider having someone inspect the roof following any major storms as well. Always find a roofing contractor who has experience and a great reputation for successful projects and repairs and get a quote prior to beginning any major restoration.