Stylish and Elegant Home Extensions

Many people with a family decide that they are in need of more room, especially as the children are getting older and want a room for themselves, rather than sharing with a brother or sister. This then leaves them facing the question of whether to move house or to extend. If you have lived in a neighborhood for a number of years, moving away can be quite a difficult decision, especially for the children, who will not be overly happy at having to leave all of their friends behind. Moving house also involves significant costs, not just from the higher price of a larger property, but legal fees, not to mention the cost of getting all of your possessions moved as well, so the thought of an extension can be quite attractive.

Planning an Extension

One of the biggest problems people run into when planning an extension is actually visualizing what it should look like within your head. You may have a good idea of exactly what you need in terms of additional space, but converting those needs into reality can be a significant challenge. The question is whether to go up, or go out, and each one brings different obstacles and challenges. Possibly the best course of action at this point is to take advantage of a free consultation from experienced extension and renovation specialists in your area and ask to have a look at their portfolio of projects, both before and after for inspiration.

Extension Benefits

Bear in mind that with any house, a significant chunk of what it is worth is the land that it sits on, which you have already paid for, and as a larger house is worth more money, building an extension can be a very smart investment. Not only do you get added space, which makes life more comfortable right now, you have also added additional finance for the future. Especially if you have an older house, it is a good time to think about renovations, which are probably best done simultaneously. Extension and renovation quotes in Sydney are quite competitive, but truly experienced companies can bring an edge in design that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Simple Extension or Adding Another Floor

A key consideration on whether to extend at the ground floor level, or to add an additional floor across all, or part of the house will depend on many factors. Going out front or back, or sideways is generally simpler and cheaper, though you have to think about extra land being used, meaning less garden left afterwards, a key consideration if your kids like to play out there. Going up a level, leaves your outdoor area little or completely unchanged, and offers the potential for double your current space. Before you set your mind on it, you definitely need to call in the experts to assess the quality of your foundations, to check if they will be able to support the additional load a second floor will create.

There are many innovative ideas on the market, which can offer you the space you need, whilst simultaneously adding a new style and elegance, which can really make your larger house, a home.