The Convenience of Having a Personal Whirlpool Tub

It is a misconception that a whirlpool tub is expensive, that it requires a lot of space, or that it has to be placed outdoors. It is true that when whirlpools first came out, there was practically a monopoly and these small pools were priced accordingly. However, the price has gone down considerably with the existence of more competitors.

It is also true that there are whirlpool tubs that require a large space. They are usually designed for more than one person to soak in at any time. Nowadays, you can have a small one-person whirlpool tub. More and more people are seeing the logic in placing their whirlpool tub indoors. This allows them to use them more often, and at any time of day. Times have changed and there are more reasons now to have a whirlpool tub in your own bathroom.

A lot of people would consider this as a luxury. However, whirlpools are refreshing and therapeutic. The water jets act to massage the muscles while you soak in the water. The water pulses and hits the muscles with added power. This is like having a masseur pounding on your body.

This may seem like a frivolity, but when you consider it, whirlpool baths are cost-effective. They are value for money. For those who regularly go to hydrotherapy massage centres, whirlpool baths are the extension to that lifestyle. You can have a vigorous water jet massage in your own home.

Installing a whirlpool tub in your bathroom is almost as simple as installing a regular bathtub. The only real difference is the motor and pump that you have to install. This is the part of the tub which forces water through the jets when you turn on the pumps. These jets are forced out at a good amount of pressure, and there is usually a warning not to start the jets unless the tub is sufficiently full.

For those who are used to a communal or couple-sized tub, it is still possible to have one of those in your bathroom, assuming that the new large bath can fit in the available space. Otherwise, you would have a cramped bathroom with no space for any form of movement. This is the more common form of whirlpool, which the public knows. The smaller single-occupant whirlpools are not very common, although sales for this market segment are growing.

When it comes to status symbols, the whirlpool bath is something considered decadent and quite frivolous. It is usually seen as something that would go well with swimming pools. People should realise the benefits of having a small one in their own bathroom. You would appreciate the convenience of having one and use it as often as you can.

Image via (MR LIGHTMAN)